About Us


We offer you alternative tourism understanding, high-quality holiday difference, and the privilege of being satisfied with the freedom and nature in Kastamonu, which is one of special tourism cities in the World and Turkey, keeping nature and culture tourism together.

Şadibey Farm, a paradise at 15 km from Kastamonu, hosting numerous domestic and foreign visitors from culture tours every day, has opened its doors to our esteemed guests.

The mansion, which was built in 1890 next to the first mansion which collapsed, consists of women’s section and men’s section above the main entrance and two large lobbies and 16 rooms. Besides, Ottoman type bath of the mansion which was built in 1831 has been brought into use of our guests in its original condition together with the mansion, other additional allocation units and social areas near it.

There is open paddock for beginners where they can learn horse riding, as well as horse safari tracks with different difficulty levels in the open field for the experienced riders. Our guests who come for activities such as accommodation, horse rides, trekking, bird watching, photography are offered natural fruits from our apple, pear, plum and cherry gardens, organic agricultural products, milk products obtained from small cattle and bovine raised in our farm and natural honey obtained from the beehives in our farm.

In an area of 300 decare;
  • Accommodation
  • Riding
  • Restaurant
  • Trekking
  • Open and closed cafeterias
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Outdoor organizations
  • Cultural and natural excursions